Chocolate Truffles

In the last week, we've had about 3 feet of snow between storms Thursday, Saturday, a blizzard Sunday into Monday and a few inches last night. My outdoor chaises in the back porch are buried, no joke. But if it's going to be winter and I'm living in Maine, I expect snow. We barely got anything in January so Mother Nature decided to make her presence known. 

snow landscape

Two things to always have on hand during a snow storm are warm layers and chocolate. Ok, I guess you can put water, a fire and power in there too, but I'm talking essentials :) 

These truffles are so easy with ingredients you probably have in your pantry. They will satisfy that chocolate craving and have been my energy between shoveling, cross country skiing and snowshoeing because chocolate.

chocolate truffles

12 ounces chocolate chips
1 cup full- fat coconut milk
a splash of vanilla extract
a pinch of sea salt

Put the chocolate chips into a heat proof bowl. 

In a small pot over medium low heat, bring the coconut milk to a low simmer. When to see bubbles around the edges, pour over the chocolate chips. Add the vanilla extract and the sea salt before whisking the chocolate mixture together until smooth. Pour into a loaf pan, and chill in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. 

Using a small ice cream scoop, a half tablespoon measuring spoon or a regular spoon, scoop the truffles. The length of the loaf pan helps in this. Drop them onto a parchment lined plate or baking sheet. Once they're scooped, roll them into balls between cool palms. My hands became too warm while I was rolling so I'd since my hands under cold water and dry them before rolling 4-5 more truffles at a time. It's an extra step, but you get smoother truffles.

The truffles can be eaten as is or you can roll them in all kinds of toppings such as plain cacao, a spice mix, chopped nuts, shredded coconut or cacao nibs. Here, I sifted 3 tablespoons of cacao with 2 teaspoons of cinnamon.


Jacquie Chamberlain